Entrenamiento y Biomecánica del Ciclismo
Entrenamiento y Biomecánica del Ciclismo

About me

My name is Helena Martin and I started HM Biking in 2011. 

I am completely passionate about cycling. 

I usually live in Madrid, Spain, where some years ago I was Madrid Champion, Cyclocross modality, and second position Cross Country Madrid Championships.


I studied Physical Education degree first, and I continued my formal education studying Sports Sciences degree at University. 
I am also international cycling manager and I studied different training and bike fitting courses as well.


Nowadays, I work as a cycling coach and bike fitter, and I still studying every day about cycling, sports training and physical activity. 

I think the best quarantee I can offer to you is a good academic training.


I am so happy when my high performance cyclists get their goals but, from personal experience, I think I am specialist in cyclists that try to optimize their short daily free time to enjoy their weekends riding with their friends, or training for that season goal. 


My major concern is that my ciclists can enjoy cycling!


Academic training: 


- Sports Sciences Degree (Universidad Europea de Madrid)
- Physical Education Degree (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
- Cycling Sports Manager level III, international. (RFEC)
Bike Fitting Course, RETÜL system (Cyling Metric)
- Cycling Power Training Certification (Custom4.us)
- Bike Fitting Course (Custom4.us)
- TrainingPeaks Power Certification (TrainingPeaks) 
- Symposium "Menstrual Cycling and performance" (Exercise Physiology&Training.)
- I Bike Fitting Symposium
- Cycling Coach Seminar (RFEC)
- IV National Symposium about Endurance Sports Training (UEM)
- Seminar "Cycling Training New Technologies" (RFEC)


e-mail: info@hmbiking.com

Teléfono: +34 606 729 921